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ALL No-Sweat vent pads are American Made!

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What SIZE Do I Need?

There are THOUSANDS of saddle pads, and thousands of sizes. No-Sweat vent pads fit every one of them.

The way to get the right sized No-Sweat is to MEASURE your saddle pad, then get the No-Sweat that is one size LARGER than your saddle pad's measurements.

Here's how to measure:

Open up and lay your saddle pad out on a flat surface. Flatten your saddle pad out the best you can.

LENGTH is from pommel to cantle. WIDTH is from stirrup-to-stirrup at the WIDEST point.

Use a tape measure, yardstick, fabric tape, folding rule or ruler to get the width and length of the ENTIRE saddle pad.

If you have long flaps on your saddle pad, like some Dressage, English, Endurance and Police saddle pads, the WIDTH of your saddle pad INCLUDES the entire flap, both right AND left sides, from one end of it to the other, at it's LONGEST point.

No-Sweats are non-biased, and non-directional. There is no "right" way to place it upon your horse. If your saddle pad measures such that turning the No-Sweat sideways gives you the right measurements, then THAT's the right size for you!

TRIMMING your new No-Sweat vent pad: If you'd like your new No-Sweat to conform to your saddle pad, simply trim the No-Sweat to the shape you'd like by just using sharp scissors. That's it! A custom fit!!

EXAMPLE: If your saddle pad measures 28" long x 32" wide, Model OS-101, 30"x36" is the size you need; if your saddle pad WITH FLAPS measures 29" long x 44" wide, Model OS-107, 36"x46" is the size you need.

NOTE: For maximum cooling for your horse's back, ALWAYS ALLOW FOR AT LEAST ONE-INCH of the No-Sweat vent pad to peek out from under your saddle pad all the way around your saddle pad.

QUESTIONS? Please call us at 1-888-287-6716, or email us at for the answers to ALL your No-Sweat fitting questions. We've been doing this for 25 years, and can pretty much help you with any difficulties you may encounter while finding the right size for your new No-Sweat vent pad.

How To Order Your No-Sweat vent pad:

When you have your size picked out, simply go to the Dixie Midnight Store, here: STORE, and place your order. We accept VISA, MasterCard, and Discover cards, as well as Checks and Money Orders. Follow the easy directions in the store, and your new No-Sweat vent pad will be on its way in (usually) less than 48 hours, and in your hands (usually) in 2-3 working days.

You can ORDER BY PHONE, just call us at 1-888-287-6716, it's a FREE call in the USA, too!

To MAIL your order to us, address it to: DIXIE MIDNIGHT, PO BOX 1012, LITHIA, FL 33547.

We do NOT charge Sales Tax for ANY order, unless it's from Florida — then we have to add 7% Sales Tax.

Shipping From Us To You


Our standard way of shipping to you is US Postal Service Priority Mail, for both Domestic and Foreign orders.

We are able to ship to US Mail Post Office Boxes!!!

For Domestic orders, we include a Tracking Number, sent to you via email. For Foreign orders, we include a Customs Shipping Tracking Number, also sent to you via email.

In the USA, travel time for your order is usually 2-3 working days from shipment. That way, if you order on Monday or Tuesday, it's a pretty good bet that your new No-Sweat will arrive before Saturday.

Foreign Orders are generally in-country 7-10 days after shipment. Delivery is subject to that country's Customs as well as their Postal rules and regulations.

We can also ship overnight via US Postal Service Express Mail, and Global Express Mail. These shipments are always subject to extra charges, depending upon the size and weight of the shipment.

Please E-Mail us for International Shipping Rates.

Please CALL or E-Mail us for Express Mail Shipping Rates.

1-888-287-6716, in the USA only.

Dixie Midnight No-Sweat vent pad Sizes/Prices

For Just About Any Saddle Or Bareback Pad Use You Can Think Of

For a Perfect Fit, every time:

Measure the TOTAL LENGTH and WIDTH of Your Saddle Pad.

Then Pick The Next Largest No-Sweat Size and trim to fit using just a scissors!!

Store —Click Here

Standard Sizes

OS-000 — Standard — 24" x 36"

Fits many ENGLISH saddles/pads/cloths/numnahs


OS-101 — 30"x36"

• Fits most Western saddles/saddle pads


OS-102 — 34" x 36"

• Fits Oversize Western, Cutting Horse, WP show pads


OS-103 — 36"x36"
• Treeless, Dressage, some English



The suggested saddle pads above are only suggestions.  For the proper fit for your new No-Sweat vent pad, please measure your saddle pad before ordering.

OS-104 — 36" x 38"

Fits Bob Marshall w. Skito pad for Endurance, Other Treeless, Small Dressage pads


OS-105 — 36"x40"

• For Bob Marshall, Sensation, many other TREELESS


OS-106 — 36" x 42"
• Fits Many Treeless, Some Dressage saddles, Endurance saddles, some Pack, Aussie saddle


OS-107 — 36" x 46"
• Fits Treeless, Dressage saddles, some Aussies, Endurance, Police, and Pack saddles


If you're not sure which size to order, give us a quick call at

1-888-287-6716  and we'll help you to get the exact No-Sweat vent pad you'd like to have.



(And we're really nice people, too!)


  • NO Shipping Charges (in the USA)!
  • NO Handling Charges For ANYONE!
  • NO Sales Tax (Except Florida, 7%)!

We Ship Via US Priority Mail (2—3 day service in the USA) Generally Within 48 hrs.

Please Call, Fax, Or E-Mail For International Shipping Charges.

Your No-Sweat vent pad Is GUARANTEED To Perform As Described, For As Long As You Own It, Or Your Money Back!

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